Coursing Video by Michelle Gautreau

Photos by Mike White & Siri Thompson

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 illustration by Branka Bradic  contact us  for more information on how to order this print

illustration by Branka Bradic
contact us for more information on how to order this print


Established in 1985, Gazehound Ontario, affectionately known as GO, is a non-profit organization comprised of sighthound breeders, owners and enthusiasts who are dedicated to the preservation and well being of sighthounds. 


Coursing was a common hunting technique practised by nobility primarily with sighthounds. Hounds hunted live game by sight, not scent, using their speed and agility.  In lure coursing, dogs chase an artificial lure across a field, following a pattern that is meant to simulate live coursing. A typical lure course is between 600 and 1000 yards.

Coursing is the most fun you and your dog(s) will have together!

Lure coursing is a flat-out chase in a large open field of an artificial prey object ("bunny") that is moved ahead of the dog by a mechanical pulley.  The course is planned in advance; the dogs each take a turn and are judged on their speed, agility, keenness and style.  At the official level, it is usually restricted to sight hounds but is open to all dogs at places such as dog camps.  Watching a dog with no prior experience click into coursing mode can take your breath away.  The focus and intensity of a dog makes a believer out of any owner who doubted their dog was a predator.  People who attend dog camps regularly rate lure coursing as their favourite activity, above the many other offered.
 - Jean Donaldson, The Culture Clash

GO has 2 to 3 events each year.  1 or 2 lure coursing events as well as a specialty show held each year at Erie Shores.

GO offers ALL BREED PRACTICES on the Saturday afternoon of our weekend trials.  Please check the events page for dates.